7 Best Hotels to stay in Hunstanton

Hunstanton is a town on the east coast of England.  The town is always bustling with activity thanks to the numerous tourists and business people who frequent the seaside town.

Hunstanton is popularly for its white and red stripped cliff, and beaches such as Hunstanton beach, Holme beach and Heacham beach. In fact, Hunstanton beach is the only west-facing beach on the east coast. It offers a panoramic view of the beach as the suns sets to the west. Apart from visiting these great beaches and exquisite cliffs, there are great to places visit and things to do, such as Sealife sanctuary and boat trips.

After all is said and done, you will need a place to stay and rest. Although there are numerous hotels in the town, finding a good hotel that has awesome services is not a walk in the park. To relieve you all the hustle of researching, we have put together a list of great hotels in the town. Below are the best hotels to stay in Hunstanton.

The Bays Guest House

The bay Guest hotel is a stone throw away from the beach and 5 minutes drive from Hunstanton golf club. This award-winning hotel offers holistic therapies and Swedish massage. They also provide free parking to visitors. The hotel boasts of en suite bath for relaxing shower after exhilarating experience in the beach. The rooms have Wi-Fi and TV.

The hotel provides palatable breakfast, evening meals and packed meals for guest on the go.  The food options range from full English to vegan and vegetarian options. There are lots of outdoors activities around such as sailing, water sports and surfing. You choose whichever tickles your fancy.

The Golden Lion Hotel

Locates less than two kilometers from Hunstanton sea life sanctuary, Golden Lion Hotels is an ideal place to stay in. They offer a myriad of amenities including free WI-FI, garden and bar. Each room has a flat screen, desk and more importantly, a private bathroom. The hotel has restaurants that serve British cuisine near the accommodation. You will love their sumptuous buffet breakfast. You can also request gluten free, vegetarian and dairy-free food.

What’s more is that they also have sun terraces. Golden Lion Hotel is a top of the list hotel. Going by the rating in travel sites, it is a hotel of choice to travelers.

Sunset Inn

Sunset In is perfectly positioned for guest to access Heacham and Old Hunstanton. It located short distance from Old Hunstanton lighthouse. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi. The airy and light rooms are equipped with various essential amenities to give you a cozy stay.

The Shellbroke

Shellbroke is a walking distance from Hunstanton Beach. It provides guests with free breakfast, free parking, restaurant free Wi-Fi and serene smoke-free environment. The hotel is 10 minutes walk from Hunstanton Heritage centre and Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary. All rooms have free WI-FI. The good part is that your children can accompany you. While they do not offer rollaway beds, cribs are available. However, Shellbroke hotel does not allow pets.

Marine Hotel

Located in the seaside town of Hunstanton, Marine hotel has a bar and a variety of great facilities. In addition to free parking, the hotel offers a great coastal view. Each room has coffee and tea making facilities as keep yourself warm as you enjoy the scenic view. Add in en suite, with some having sea view, and you have an awesome stay for the ultimate beach experience.

They serve the guest with an English breakfast. They also serve dinner and lunch menus from the marine bar. The hotel also caters for wedding, birthdays and anniversaries among other events.


Glenberis has quaint charm and is located in Victorian resort. The hotel was a Victorian house but was given a contemporary design renovation. The hotel boasts of high-class services and great amenities such as free Wi-Fi, Free parking, free breakfast, housekeep and flat screen TV. If you are love hotels with a classic design, then this is your ideal choice.

Le Strange Arms Hotel

Le Strange Arms Hotel is located on Norfolk coast in Old Hunstanton. It is an ideal relaxation venue after a saunter on the seaside town beaches. The hotel lawns lead to the sandy beaches and are just a short distance from the sea. If you want to escape from the hustles and bustles of the city and find an affordable and stylish hotel that will offer you ultimate relation, then Le Strange Arms Hotel is your perfect choice. Some features of the hotel rooms include suites and flat screen TV. The hotel prides itself in providing top-scale amenities such as free Wi-Fi, lounge, game room and free parking.


Finding a good hotel in Hunstanton is not difficult task but it is not easy one too. This list will help you narrow down the options. We can however, guarantee you that one of this will match what you want. Choose one that best suits your need. It’s your call to make.


Sensational Circumstances When You Should Opt for Peer to Peer Loans in Hunstanton

When you landed on this post, you probably must have been considering a move for Peer to Peer borrowing.

Maybe you’re not well-conversant with how Peer to Peer lending works and need to get facts right before you can make your feet wet.

Or you have made up your mind to go for p2p borrowing, but not sure whether your reasons for taking the loan makes sense. 

Glad you’re here because all those answers you need are here. 

First, let’s know what p2p loans are and how they work before we can dive into the nitty-gritty of this subject: 

What are P2P Loans? 

Whether you’re an investor or a borrower looking to start his business or pay off a huge debt, this is one of the million-dollar questions that have caused you sleepless nights. 

P2P loans are loans awarded to individuals or businesses who request and qualify for them online. 

Usually, these loans aren’t secure and therefore have high chances of default, especially if borrowers are not adequately screened before loan award. 

That said, P2P loans are only awarded to those who meet the ‘bare minimum’ – one of the requirements being a good credit score. 

Before you consider applying for a P2P loan, consider checking out the myinstantoffer ripoff to see some of the reviews and complaints pertaining to loan applications. 

How P2P Loans Work

P2P loans are a bit different from the traditional loans offered by conventional banks. 

With Peer to Peer loans, borrowers visit P2P lending sites (online), fill a form with their details and the correct amount of credit they need. 

This information is made available to investors who then choose which loans they can invest on. 

In a well-established P2P lending site, borrowers can access up to $35,000, and the term of the loan could run between 3-5 years. 

To this far, you now know: 

  • What P2P loans are
  • How P2P loans work

Therefore, without further ado…

Sensational Circumstances When You Should Consider Taking a P2P Loan

1. Medical Reasons

It’s everyone’s wish never to fall sick, but statistics reveal that 95 percent of people experience some medical issues. 

Whether you eat healthy meals or exercise daily, medical issues still arise, and accidents don’t choose between the rich and the poor. 

Diabetes treatment is also sometimes a crapshoot – you’ll need to have money in your account for regular treatment continually. 

All these imply that you need regular funding; and if you don’t have a good job; which of course, pays well, you may consider P2P loans. 

2. Baby and Adoption Loans

There are as many as 140 million orphans worldwide who need care just like your kids. 

These poor boys and girls did not choose to be orphans – it happened because death doesn’t choose who to take and who not to take. 

Fortunately, today, you can borrow P2P loans to raise such children and help them realize their dreams, maybe at Hunstanton primary school

Even though raising children is a long journey and requires a huge sum of money, taking a P2P loan can trim down your final expenses. 

Besides, the government offers up to $12,500 adoption credit for people who wish to adopt children and raise them. 

Honestly, there is no point of your children suffering if there are options like these. Take the step and apply for a P2P loan today.

3. Debt Consolidation

Whether you’re trapped in a loan shark that trims up to 30 percent of your income every month or you still have pending student loans, seeking a P2P loan is by far the best decision you’d make. 

Having pending loans, especially those that slash your income every month and leaves you with nothing can disorganize your plans. 

Instead of suffering in total silence, you’d better opt for a peer to peer loans to help you trim down part of your outstanding loans. This will not just give you peace of mind but will also give you the chance to plan and bring back the plans you had before succumbing to loan repayments. 

4. You Intend to Start Your Own Business

To start your own business is one of the American dreams – that’s why up to 57 million Americans are freelancers; controlling their own business and charging rates they choose.

But starting your business can be a nightmare if you don’t have the starting capital, and that should be an obstacle either. 

Applying for a P2P loan is a good reason to make you realize your business dreams. Maybe you only need to carefully research the best business you’d want to venture in before you can opt for peer to peer loans. 

5. Buying a Car

Technically, this is my worst reason for taking a P2P loan, unless a car directly contributes to your income; for example, you use a car to distribute goods to your customers, fine.

Otherwise, if a car is your secondary need, you shouldn’t consider taking a loan for something that depreciates. 

A car’s value depreciates from the moment you leave the parking lot soon after making payments and being handed the keys. 

Bottom Line

If you were considering a move for peer to peer loans, the above reasons should help you make rational decisions that won’t make you have later regrets. 

Over to you: what are some of the reasons that may force you to seek a P2P loan? Share with us in the comments.

Complete Guide How to Use Powder Bed Bug Killer Hunstanton

Are you a resident of the North Norfolk coast and thinking of using power killers to eliminate the beg bugs that want to make life a little uncomfortable for you? There is an immediate solution. If you are a foreigner and do not want to miss the opportunity to explore the unique environment and have the same concerns, you are in the right place as well. Hunstanton grants you the perfect opportunity to travel around the coast and countryside. This resort faces the west. This makes it easy for you to witness spectacular sunsets and enjoy your life exactly as you want.

Well, you have nothing to worry about if you are going to explore this resort. Plenty of bed bug powders that you can use when you notice one or a few of them or their eggs around exist.

Does the Powder Killers Work Well?

The bed bug powders really work well. They contain a chemical known as diatomaceous earth, which are fossilized remains of phytoplankton. This substance kills almost all crawling insects and is popularly known for its ability to control all bed bug-related problems.

When you sprinkle the chemical on bed bugs, they dehydrate, shrivel, and intimately die. As you can see, these powders are so potent that they kill these insects instantly.

Are the Powder Killers Safe for You?

Now that most bed bug powder killers can eliminate the insects within minutes, you are likely asking whether it is safe for humans. The chemical is safe and non-toxic. However, you should not overuse it.

 Overuse of the chemical can cause some health issues. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 111 illnesses that are linked with bed bug insecticides were reported in several states in the US between 2003 and 2010. The study established that excessive use of the powders and the failure to wash the treated bedding are some of the major causes of the health problems. In this regard, there are some mild risks. So, you need to know how to use your chosen your powder killer effectively.

How Should You Use these Powder Killers?

Powder bed bug killers are safe, but you need to use the right amount to reap the benefits. Let us see how.

Crack and Crevice Treatment

Your safety is your priority at all times. For you to kill the beg bugs and protect yourself as well, focus your application of the chemical on the cracks and crevices. Some of the insects love to hide in floorboards, baseboards, and other places where the carpet meets the floor. The good news is that the powders can settle down deep into these tiny spaces and do the necessary work.

If your chosen bed bug powder killer has an in-built applicator, only cut off the plastic cover from its tip. This way, you will expose the little opening with ease. Once you have done that, you will get the tip of the nozzle close to your target. Subsequently, gently squeeze the bottle and then repeat this process in short spaced out intervals. Remember. You just need a little powder to achieve your goal.

What’s more, you can use a professional powder applicator as well. This device is easy to use and has a long straw that allows it to penetrate deep into the holes.

Wall Voids and Other Locations

 You can also focus on your walls, floors, and other places in your room once you have treated the cracks and crevices. Apply the powder along your doorframes and between the joins and outside areas of your furniture.

For the best results, apply more powder behind the faceplates of your light switches as well as electrical outlets. If you encounter some difficulties, unscrew the faceplates. You will be able to puff some powder in the exposed openings.

But you need to take great care at this stage as well. Ensure the powder does not reach the electrical outlet. This way, you will kill the beg bugs that are hiding on the walls and the other places without interfering with your electricity system.

The Bottom Line

You now have a comprehensive overview of how you can safely use your powder killer for bed bugs. If you have been asking yourself where to start, this article provides you a detailed answer. Just get a powder killer and read the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure you do not ignore these directives. However, remember that bed bugs are often stubborn, and you may need to use a few other strategies to kill them within a short time. The powder, therefore, is part of a combined treatment process. This is the reason you have to read the product labels and instructions carefully.

You will get other essential pieces of information on labels and the other places that will help you to stay safe. In this regard, bed bugs are a nuisance, but they can never stop you from visiting Hunstanton to explore the area and enjoy yourself as much as you desire. Use powder killers properly, and, you will eliminate them. Moreover, you will not miss the remarkable experience that the resort offers.

What You Should Know about Hunstanton Primary School

Hunstanton primary school is a foundation school that has mixed gender. It converted from junior to primary school in 2015. Previously it had been federated with a local infant school. While enrollment number has risen significantly in the recent past, Hunstanton School is considerably smaller than the average size of primary school. It is located in Hunstanton town, Norfolk county East England. You can read a brief history of Hunstanton.

The school head teacher is Mrs. Diane Mapllebeck. It boasts of a good Ofsted rating according to government schools’ performance comparison. Hunstanton School does not have a religious character. Pupils with SEN and disability proportion in this school are higher than the national average. The school has a lower proportion of pupils with SEN statement or care, education and health plan. Also, the Hunstanton School has a higher proportion of pupils eligible for premium funding than the national average.

Hunstanton primary school vision is to have motivated and engaged children who value learning and can enjoy, Aspire and succeed. They ensure pupils succeed by promoting curriculum access to all pupils. Similarly, the teachers have skills that ensure every pupil can access planned activities.

The school is a non-denomination foundation school. They have an anti-bullying policy. If there is a bullying case, the school uses conflict resolution technique, social skills, stress management and opportunities to deal with the issue. Tough measures may be used if need be including sanctions, withdrawing lunchtime and break privileges and removal from class.


They first consider receiving applications within the set deadlines. After all, on tome application have been considered they may find on time consideration. An exception is when circumstance merit earlier consideration.  The school admits children during the autumn term where they are ushered into foundation stage.

Hunstanton in primary school makes going to school enjoyable to pupils by incorporating enjoyable lessons. They also have a wide range of activities and opportunities to share achievements with their parents. It also promotes aspirations by analyzing data and responding effectively to raise standards higher. This includes evaluating children and informing them where to make more progress.

The school also invites inspiration speaks with different backgrounds to broaden the aspirations of the students. Hunstanton School works in collaboration with the community to create a multipurpose games area on the school ground.

Learning in the school starts at 9 am and ends at 3:10 pm for infant pupils. For junior pupils, it starts at 8:55 am and 3:20 pm. When supervision is available children should not arrive at school earlier than 8:40 am. They should wait for the class teachers to come and collect them at 8:40. If it is cold, they should wait in the hall where supervision will take place. The School has 11 teachers representing a pupil to teacher ratio of 18.4. The school also has 4 support staff.

School population

Hunstanton primary school boasts of a convivial and safe learning environment.  Everyone and care and helps each other to become responsible individuals. The school has 177 pupils between the age of 4 and 11. It has governors who are basically volunteers who help in running the school. They are involved in all aspects ranging from budget review running buildings, to supporting staff and head teacher in setting school discipline standards.

The chair of the governors is Stephen Jones. The governing council determines the admission arrangements.  The school council consists of pupils. Hunstanton primary school is also a member of children’s university.

The school governing body has three core functions. Ensuring clarity of vision, holding the headteacher to account for schools education performance and ensuring money is well spent by providing financial performance oversight.

Contact information

If you need to reach the school management, you can email them through head@hunstanton.norfolk.sch.uk or call 01485533373.  The school address is Collingwood Road, Hunstanton, PE36 5DY.

Extra Curriculum

Every term the school organizes clubs for pupils to take place in.  This enables students to develop interests in new areas. The clubs are run by school staff. Wider varieties of clubs are availed to students as they progress through classes. Some of the clubs in the school include\

Football club

Dance club

Art Club

Yoga Club

Tennis club


•      Hunstanton primary school hosts competitions including

•      Sunflower growing competition

•      Pumpkin carving competition

•      Summer challenge for RAF centenary

Other Schools in Hunstanton include

•      Glebe House School

•      Hunstanton Infant School

•      Redgate Junior School

•      Smithdon School

•      Sedgeford primary school

A brief history of Hunstanton by Ken Arnott

Hunstanton is a small Norfolk seaside resort that lies at the mouth of the Wash and is affectionately known, for obvious reasons, as “Sunny Hunny”. It is the best kind of resort with its award winning beaches that are among the safest in England, plenty of seaside sports and entertainments and a climate that boasts more sunshine and less rainfall that the great majority of resorts in Britain – What a combination!

A special bonus, thanks to Hunstanton being the only East Coast resort that faces West (check the map!), visitors can enjoy the extraordinary sight of the sun setting over the sea – a memorable experience.

Hunstanton’s motto is “Alios delectare iuvat” which freely translates to “It is our pleasure to please others”

Let’s get the confusing bit over to start with. The village of Hunstanton was mentioned in the Domesday Book so it has a long history. The seaside resort, on the other hand, was created in the middle of the 19th Century by the Squire of Hunstanton Hall, the largest landowner in the area. In the early days it was known as “the sea-bathing station of Hunstanton St Edmund”

At the time there was nothing between the lighthouse and the neighbouring village of Heacham apart from an extensive sheep run, so when the resort’s oldest building, The Golden Lion Hotel, opened in 1846 it was nicknamed “le Strange Folly” But the critics were unaware that the Squire, who not only conceived but designed the resort, had made careful plans for the town’s development, plans that included a railway. When the line opened in 1862, the year that Henry Styleman le Strange died, the future was secure.

Officially Hunstanton embraces both the resort and the old village, but the latter is still known as Old Hunstanton.

The le Strange family have been associated with Hunstanton for nearly a thousand years. Indeed the present Squire lives in the town today. The family’s ancestral home, Hunstanton Hall, was sold in 1948 and converted into flats. It is reputed to have a ghost!

The le Strange’s came from Brittany after the Norman invasion and married into a leading Saxon family in the area. Probably the best known le Strange was Roger who translated Aesops Tales into English, fought unsuccessfully to dislodge Cromwell’s forces from King’s Lynn and, in 1663, produced the country’s first newspaper “The Public Intelligencer” earning him the title “Father of the English Press”.

Hunstanton has long been associated with Sir Edmund who, as King of East Anglia, led a small army against the invading Vikings, was captured and, after refusing to give up his Christian faith, was tied to a tree and shot by Danish archers. Legend has it that when St Edmund first came from Saxony in AD855 he landed near Hunstanton cliffs.

The ruined Chapel near the lighthouse was built in his memory in 1272. Nine stained glass windows depicting the life of the saint can be found in St Edmund’s Church.

The cross on the top Green is a bit of a mystery. It is assumed to be the reeded shaft of an ancient village cross that was moved from Old Hunstanton to the present position when the Golden Lion Hotel was built but its previous history is unknown.

Blazing beacons and lanterns warned ships of dangerous sandbanks in the Wash centuries before the first lighthouse in 1666. The present lighthouse, built in 1844, ceased operations in 1921 when it was replaced first by a lightship, then by a remote-control fog buoy. It is now a holiday home.

Getting About

Once in HUNSTANTON, why not take the opportunity to explore by bus, by cycle or on foot. It’s a great way to really tune in to the pace of the countryside.


The Coasthopper bus service is a really great way to explore the Norfolk coast. You can use it to travel between King’s Lynn, Hunstanton, Wells, Sheringham and Cromer. The service operates daily up to every hour during early spring, late autumn and winter and up to every half hour from April to October.

The combination of the Norfolk Coast Path and the Coasthopper bus offers excellent opportunities to leave the car behind and discover this beautiful part of our coastline. Most services from King’s Lynn to Hunstanton are timetabled to connect with First Capital Connect rail services, with through-ticketing available. See www.coasthopper.co.uk or email enquires@coasthopper.co.uk.

Cycling in and around Hunstanton

Much of the Peddars Way is open to cyclists. The Norfolk Coast Path is NOT. Two long-distance cycle routes pass through Hunstanton: National Cycle Route 30 (Norfolk Coast Cycleway) and National Cycle Route 1. For a list of Norfolk cycle paths and information about free cycling maps, see www.sustrans.org.uk.

Norfolk has a host of cycle routes including the 59 mile Norfolk Coast cycleway from King’s Lynn to Cromer and the Peddar’s Way. Sandringham is another lovely spot where families take young children to enjoy their bikes.
You don’t even have to bring your own bikes on holiday. There are many places to hire cycles along the way.

Explore on Foot

There are many paths, bridleways, local and national trails to take you across the wide expanses of West Norfolk, and through our charming villages, on foot.

www.visitwestnorfolk.com – where you can find information about the Norfolk Coast Path, Peddars Way, Peter Scott Walk, Fen Rivers way and nar Valley Way.

For circular walking routes visit www.countrysideaccess.norfolk.gov.uk

To find more information about the Norfolk coast Path and Peddars Way, please go to www.nationaltrail.co.uk

www.sandringhamestate.co.uk – which will tell you about the country park of the Queen’s private estate where you can walk..

www.holkham.co.uk – which also has a country park where you can walk and also along the award winning beach.