What You Should Know about Hunstanton Primary School

Hunstanton primary school is a foundation school that has mixed gender. It converted from junior to primary school in 2015. Previously it had been federated with a local infant school. While enrollment number has risen significantly in the recent past, Hunstanton School is considerably smaller than the average size of primary school. It is located in Hunstanton town, Norfolk county East England. You can read a brief history of Hunstanton.

The school head teacher is Mrs. Diane Mapllebeck. It boasts of a good Ofsted rating according to government schools’ performance comparison. Hunstanton School does not have a religious character. Pupils with SEN and disability proportion in this school are higher than the national average. The school has a lower proportion of pupils with SEN statement or care, education and health plan. Also, the Hunstanton School has a higher proportion of pupils eligible for premium funding than the national average.

Hunstanton primary school vision is to have motivated and engaged children who value learning and can enjoy, Aspire and succeed. They ensure pupils succeed by promoting curriculum access to all pupils. Similarly, the teachers have skills that ensure every pupil can access planned activities.

The school is a non-denomination foundation school. They have an anti-bullying policy. If there is a bullying case, the school uses conflict resolution technique, social skills, stress management and opportunities to deal with the issue. Tough measures may be used if need be including sanctions, withdrawing lunchtime and break privileges and removal from class.


They first consider receiving applications within the set deadlines. After all, on tome application have been considered they may find on time consideration. An exception is when circumstance merit earlier consideration.  The school admits children during the autumn term where they are ushered into foundation stage.

Hunstanton in primary school makes going to school enjoyable to pupils by incorporating enjoyable lessons. They also have a wide range of activities and opportunities to share achievements with their parents. It also promotes aspirations by analyzing data and responding effectively to raise standards higher. This includes evaluating children and informing them where to make more progress.

The school also invites inspiration speaks with different backgrounds to broaden the aspirations of the students. Hunstanton School works in collaboration with the community to create a multipurpose games area on the school ground.

Learning in the school starts at 9 am and ends at 3:10 pm for infant pupils. For junior pupils, it starts at 8:55 am and 3:20 pm. When supervision is available children should not arrive at school earlier than 8:40 am. They should wait for the class teachers to come and collect them at 8:40. If it is cold, they should wait in the hall where supervision will take place. The School has 11 teachers representing a pupil to teacher ratio of 18.4. The school also has 4 support staff.

School population

Hunstanton primary school boasts of a convivial and safe learning environment.  Everyone and care and helps each other to become responsible individuals. The school has 177 pupils between the age of 4 and 11. It has governors who are basically volunteers who help in running the school. They are involved in all aspects ranging from budget review running buildings, to supporting staff and head teacher in setting school discipline standards.

The chair of the governors is Stephen Jones. The governing council determines the admission arrangements.  The school council consists of pupils. Hunstanton primary school is also a member of children’s university.

The school governing body has three core functions. Ensuring clarity of vision, holding the headteacher to account for schools education performance and ensuring money is well spent by providing financial performance oversight.

Contact information

If you need to reach the school management, you can email them through head@hunstanton.norfolk.sch.uk or call 01485533373.  The school address is Collingwood Road, Hunstanton, PE36 5DY.

Extra Curriculum

Every term the school organizes clubs for pupils to take place in.  This enables students to develop interests in new areas. The clubs are run by school staff. Wider varieties of clubs are availed to students as they progress through classes. Some of the clubs in the school include\

Football club

Dance club

Art Club

Yoga Club

Tennis club


•      Hunstanton primary school hosts competitions including

•      Sunflower growing competition

•      Pumpkin carving competition

•      Summer challenge for RAF centenary

Other Schools in Hunstanton include

•      Glebe House School

•      Hunstanton Infant School

•      Redgate Junior School

•      Smithdon School

•      Sedgeford primary school

Blue Flag Beach

Hunstanton’s main beach has been awarded Blue Flag status for a third consecutive year. Blue Flag is an environmental award given to resort beaches throughout the world that achieve the highest standards.
Blue Flag beaches meet specific criteria relating to:
• Environmental education and information.
• Environmental management.
• Safety and services.
• Water quality.

Beach Conduct

• Use the litter and recycling bins on the beach.
• Use public transport, walk or cycle to the beach.
• Follow the beach code of conduct.
• Enjoy the nature of the beach and the surrounding area but treat it with respect.
• Stay away from wildlife areas, especially at nesting-time.

Beach Safety

Be safe while visiting Hunstanton’s beach. Some Safety Tips:
• Children’s inflatable’s should always have a line connected, held securely by an adult on the shore.
• Always check the tide before you enter the water. The TIC sell tide books for the whole year, or www.easytide.ukho.gov.uk
Remember to protect yourself against the sun’s ray: ‘Slip – Slap – Slop’
• Slip on a shirt.
• Slap on a hat.
• Slop on sunscreen.

Beach patrols are on duty from Easter to the end of the school summer holidays in September and first aid is available. A lifeboat is based at Old Hunstanton, about a mile along the coast.

Dogs are not permitted on the beach, from the power boat ramp to the northern extremity of the promenade, between Good Friday and 31st October.
Dogs on the promenade, must be kept on a lead at all times and, under the dog fouling legislation, dog owners will also be required to remove dog faeces deposited by their dogs wherever they are in Hunstanton.

• There are ramps onto the beach and toilets for people with disabilities.

Beach Chalets

Located along Hunstanton’s North Promenade, each chalet offers you wonderful sea views across The Wash and your own guaranteed space away from the crowds on the beach.
Chalets are available to hire throughout the season, from the 1st April each year, on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis.
Chalets are an ideal base for a family trip to the beach and even include a free reserved parking space.
Chalets are priced at: £17.60 per day, £82.00 per week or £576.00 per season.
Advanced booking can be made by contacting the on 01485 536148