Gifts and Souvenirs
Are you looking for that special ‘Thank you’ gift or a souvenir of your visit to Hunstanton?
Need a map? Or simply looking for a book to read on the beach or in your garden? Well we have it all.
A large selection of books covering many subjects is available from History to Dog Friendly Places to eat and walk.
To help you explore Hunstanton and the surrounding villages, we have excellent pocket size, water proof maps that will help you enjoy your visit.
Our retail section is roomy, light and full of lovely items that will appeal to all ages, so why not come and have a look around.
Other items in our retail range are:
Hunstanton Sea Side Towels
Hunstanton Magnets and Henry Le Strange Magnets (Founder of
Hunstanton Key
Biscuits: Cranberry, Shortbread, Chocolate chip, Oatie
wheat free
Sweets: Bon Bon’s and
Cuddly Toys (all with Hunstanton Tee-shirts on): Lion, Teddy Bear,
White Rabbit, Giraffe
Hunstanton Mugs,
Hunstanton Pens
We also have: Seal Key Rings
RSPB Tawny Owl and Mallard Duck with sound
Pocket Money gifts children’s gifts: Sea wands, Pencil and book sets, Bendy straw and drinking cup.
And not forgetting our doggie visitors we also have doggie treats and handmade leads.