The 4 Best Grass Seed To Buy For A Green And Healthy Lawn

If you are that seasoned gardener, you will always be looking forward to having a well maintained and healthy green lawn. You will not only be interested in enhancing the general look of your property but also aim at improving the soil. So whether you are planting a new lawn around your home or re-seeding several patches of bare ground, it is imperative to do a little research and look for that right type of grass seed you should use.

Being able to choose the right type of grass seed to use, is a sure way attaining your dream of having that beautiful lush green lawn around your home. These are some of the best grass seed we have found to be ideal for any garden;

1. Jonathan Green 10765 Fall Magic Grass 3 lbs Seed Mix

If you are looking forward to covering any bare patches of soil around your home or you want to start a new lawn, then this is your choice; the Jonathan Green 10765 Full Magic Grass 3I Seed Mix. These seeds mix has been found to be ideal for those particular lawns which have been summer damaged or ravaged by pests as this seed is designed to have that resistance to disease and pest attacks.

The full magic is designed for seeding during the late summer to the early fall. And since the seed mix contains bluegrass, ryegrass, and creeping red fescue, these seeds have an all-around tolerance to a variety of growing conditions. To achieve a faster germination rate, these seeds should be planted in soil, which has enough moisture and a pH of about 6.5-6.8. 

Although these seeds are capable of preserving the little moisture available and are drought resistant, it is recommended that you follow the provided instructions to be able to give your lawn an excellent life start.

2. DC Earth 5LBS Creeping Red Fescue Grass Seed

If you happen to be looking for grass which grows well in an area with either full or partial shade or short durations of sun exposure, then consider DC Earth Creeping Red Fescue Grass Seed. These grass seeds are also best for those gardeners looking for a low maintenance lawn.

The Red Fescue is a hardy type of grass that has the capacity to provide an excellent ground cover all year round and can also withstand drought conditions. It can grow well in ecological zone 1-7 and also in areas with winter temperatures of up to -15°F. Of importance to note is that these seeds do not do well in ecological zone 9-11, which are characterized by warm winter as absence of freezing winter temperature do not provide enough time for seed’s dormancy.

Also, DC Earth Grass Seeds have been found to be helpful in controlling soil erosion and in attracting wildlife to your lawn. These seeds are also hardy and can be planted in dry, average, or well-drained soil and can do well in a variety of soil types like loamy, sandy, dry, and acidic soil.

For best results, it is recommended that you plant these seeds during the colder months so that they can bring forth the vibrant green shoot during the mid-summer at maturity.

3. Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue 50 Ibs Grass Seed

Kentucky 31 is another kind of seeds mix which you should be looking if you are a gardener who loves a lawn that requires low-maintenance and tolerant to high temperatures. Although these seeds have been designed to be grown in relatively cold zones, they can as well perform well in warmer areas.

Kentucky has also been found to be an early spring to early fall type and will tend to germinate quickly to give a thick, soft green and even coverage in an area of 350 square per pound. It’s also resistant to disease attack and weeds and thus requires very minimal maintenance. So if your lawn is meant to host a lot of activities per given time, then consider trying Kentucky since it can handle heavy traffic.

4. Scotts Turf Builder Quick Fix 3 Lbs Mix

If you’re a gardener and looking to cover certain bare spots in your garden, or you just need a faster-growing lawn, then consider trying Scotts Turf Builder since it’s an excellent choice for you. The good thing about Scott Turf is that they are resistant to weeds and can grow in both shady and sunny zones, provided the soil is well-aerated and in the right conditions. Can provide an even ground cover of up to 750 square ft.

These grass seeds mix have been designed to grow specifically in Northern State as it contains perennial ryegrass, the type of seeds that thrives well under the temperatures of between 60-80°F

In about a week, you will start seeing the first vibrant green blades emerge since it has a very fast germination rate. These types of seeds are thus best meant for bare covering bare spots in your lawn. If you want to cover a fairly large area, then consider spreading Scotts Turf seeds evenly and water them regularly, especially during the germination stage. 

So, as a gardener who is looking forward to establishing a lawn in a new area or filling some patches, then consider using any of the grass seeds mixes above. With any of the above, you’re sure of a healthy and green lawn around your home. 

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